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By: jameson1881 | May 31, 2017

Considering Solar? Consider DIY!

James Huelseman

For those of us looking to invest in solar power, the upfront cost can be rather daunting. There are a few programs that can help soften the blow such as Department of Energy loans and a 30% installation tax credit. So how do we move to clean affordable energy without breaking the bank? Joe Utasi owner of CinciHome Solar has a solution.

Joe offers a very affordable alternative to paying for professional installation. He will come to your home and do a very thorough consultation to help build a plan that covers every step of the process from paperwork and permits to ordering and delivery – including dealer pricing on your order. With over 30 years in the field and all the necessary certifications, Joe knows solar.

So how much will it cost to install your own system? Well... that depends. Of course every install is going to be unique and you may or may not be comfortable with running into your breaker box on your own. Cinic Home Solar boasts several installations totaling just above or below $1.50 per watt. This is an average 50% to 70% savings from professional installation.

It makes perfect sense that with the help of a professional consultant this work can be done at a fraction of the cost. Consider all the overhead a traditional company would carry. The would have a brick and mortar office, utilities, phones, staffing, trucks, and so on. This means that for every dollar your installation costs they'll need twice that if not more to make it profitable. If the same work can be done in a weekend with a few helpers, then we can really jump start the savings and switch to solar.


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